Jumper Pulse Oximeter Jpd-801

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  • Product details of Jumper pulse Oximeter JPD-801

    • .Color OLED display.User -friendly design.Six display modes.Four directions display.Blood perfusion Indes (PI)as low as 0.2%. One month warranty


    Brand: Jumper

    Model: JPD-801

    Display: LED Screen

    Direction: Four directions display P

    parameters: Pulse Rate, Spo2, PI (perfusion index)

    Indication: Real-time battery status, Weak or unstable signal, Application

    Range: Adult, Adolescent,

    Child SpO2: 70%~100%, ±2%

    Pulse Rate: 30~99bpm, ±2

    bpm; 100~250bpm, ±2bpm

    Perfusion Index : 0.2~1.0%, ±0.2digits; 1.1~20.0%, ±20%

    Battery : AAAx2

    Dimensions : 62.0x37.0x32.0mm

    Net Weight: 28.7g

    Warranty: 6 month warranty

    Description: Value limit reminder Accuracy It measures the oxygen saturation of arterial blood in a human body by utilizing a sensor by attaching around the finger.

    Specifications of Jumper pulse Oximeter JPD-801

    .Color OLED display
    .User -friendly design
    .Six display modes
    .Four directions display
    .Blood perfusion Indes (PI)as low as 0.2%
    . 6 month warranty

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