Remax OTG USB Micro USB OTG Plug

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Product details of Remax OTG USB Micro USB OTG Plug

  • OTG Micro USB Adapter
  • Expand the Memory
  • No Burden to Transfer Data
  • Connected to the mouse, operate the phone
  • Connect to U Disk, Check the File
  • The Keyboard Connected to Write Messages

Connect to wireless network card, at any time on the internet. Application of OTG adapter to connect the keyboard to write messages. The OTG adapter is connected with the U disk / card reader, then only-read data. OTG connection game handle, enjoy the transmission speed of USB2.0. Service life: 10,000 times the terminal interface plug, still can maintain normal use.

Specifications of Remax OTG USB Micro USB OTG Plug

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